(libc) Memory Allocation

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 3.2 Allocating Storage For Program Data
 This section covers how ordinary programs manage storage for their data,
 including the famous `malloc' function and some fancier facilities
 special the GNU C library and GNU Compiler.


* Memory Allocation and C     How to get different kinds of allocation in C.
* Unconstrained Allocation    The `malloc' facility allows fully general
 		 		 dynamic allocation.
* Allocation Debugging        Finding memory leaks and not freed memory.
* Obstacks                    Obstacks are less general than malloc
 				 but more efficient and convenient.
* Variable Size Automatic     Allocation of variable-sized blocks
 				 of automatic storage that are freed when the
 				 calling function returns.
Info Catalog (libc) Memory Concepts (libc) Memory (libc) Locking Pages
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