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 XXDF formats
    These use the simple principle as XDF, but use a higher geometry.  No
 new principle is used, these formats are simply more daring (smaller
 gaps, and smaller margin at the end of the sector).
    *Usage:* XXDF disks are not bootable by LILO, and can't be accessed
 by MS-DOS.  They are only suitable for MS-DOS filesystems.  The floppy
 driver has no direct support for this format yet, but `mtools' is able
 to read them using the `FDRAWCMD' ioctl.  Due to their smaller
 tolerances, XXDF formats may not work on all drives. Problems may also
 occur if you write to XXDF disks using a different drive than the one
 you used to format the disk.
    *Interesting Formats:*
      density     tot. cap.    throughput    formatting command
      3 1/2 HD    1920KB        45KB/s       xdfcopy -3 /dev/fd0
      3 1/2 ED    3840KB        90KB/s       xdfcopy -4 /dev/fd0
Info Catalog (fdutils) XDF (fdutils) Extended formats
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