Accessible Retired Computers in Biology
Dowling College, Oakdale, NY 11769, USA
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National Science Foundation under Awards
DBI-0315281 and DBI-0203064

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Welcome to the Accessible Retired Computers in Biology (ARCiB) Project web page at Dowling College. The ARCiB project provides ongoing transitional support for software packages, especially those associated with structural biology, as existing hardware platforms are replaced.

The ARCiB project provides supplemental support for the packages listed above in order to make them available on additional platforms, primarily by providing compiled binaries. In general, unless explicitly stated otherwise,the ARCiB project is not affiliated with the projects that have created these packages. It is not our intention to replace or compete with the primary support groups for any of the packages listed. For the latest full release kits, source code and documentation, you should consult the appropriate package home page. Please comply with the license conditions that apply to each package.

In the table above you will find a list of the packages for which the ARCiB project provides support on one or more of the platforms listed. Not all packages are supported on all platforms. Click on the package link to see more detail.

We hope to add to this list in the future. The ARCiB project help to support existing packages and make them available by remote access. If packages are open source and the developer would like to transfer all or part of the support, the ARCiB offers an archive location for source and binaries as well as making the packages available.

Dowling College issued a Press Release about the ARCiB project on 1 February 2002.

Collaborations with groups supporting other packages are welcomed.

Older Working Workstations Needed

We are soliciting donations of working older graphics workstations. It is very important that the systems be complete with operating system, compilers, licenses, keyboard, monitor and mouse, and the necessary documentation to allow us to rename and renumber the workstation to work on a new local area network. You would be doing a service to the community, which would be gratefully and publicly acknowledged.

Right now, we are particularly interested in Sun, DEC/Compaq, SGI and IBM workstations, but will consider any of the workstations that are in current use for research in biology, structural biology and bioinformatics. Please do not ship systems without prior arrangement. We want to be ready for each system and to give it a good home where it can be used to help support continuing access to software packages of importance to biological research.

Remote Access to Older Working Workstations Needed

We are soliciting remote access to working older graphics workstations. These workstations should have compilers and be accessible on the internet. Access to these machines will help developers of software packages to create binaries of new releases for such older workstations. You would be doing a service to the community, which would be gratefully and publicly acknowledged.

The prefered mode of access is to use a combination of SSH (the Secure Shell, see and with VNC (Virtual Network Computing from

How to Contact the ARCiB Project

Prof. Herbert J. Bernstein
Dowling College, ARCiB Project
Kramer Science Center KSC020
150 Idle Hour Blvd.
Oakdale, NY 11769 USA


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The work at the ARCiB lab includes development and maintenance for the following projects. Contributions in the form of bug reports, code, comments, suggestions, access to computers, donations of hardware, software and money are all appreciated.

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